Running with a boy: story behind our Northwest Rivers video

Sometimes the best way to experience a river is through a child’s eyes.

Parker enjoys the view | Skip Armstrong

Sometimes the best way to experience a river is through a child’s eyes. Our video following eight year old Parker as he runs and splashes along the wild rivers of the Pacific Northwest has gotten more than 375,000 views.

People love the video because it reminds them of their own childhood, and inspires them to get their own kids outside exploring rivers and streams.

Journalist Christopher Dunagan at the Kitsap Sun wrote a great article sharing the video’s backstory, including an interview with filmmaker Skip Armstrong.

“To me, there is no faster access to unbridled joy than through the eyes of a young person or child,” Skip says. “It was refreshing for our team to spend so much time with Parker, and it’s cool to see audiences connect with his enthusiasm, too.”

“American Rivers works so hard to protect our precious resources, and I love that Parker shows us why this is important. When we were shooting, we met so many wonderful people of all ages enjoying the rivers and sights of the Northwest.”

Watch the video and share a river with a child in your life!

One response to “Running with a boy: story behind our Northwest Rivers video

  1. I learned about American Rivers through viewing your films on Free Speech TV (they often run during the program breaks). Some of them make me sad and some make me angry but Parker has given me nothing but smiles from the first time I saw his film. His joy and enthusiasm are delightful and contagious, plus the film is so beautifully shot that I can almost feel the spray and the rain, hear the water rushing by and smell the aroma of the forest.
    Last week when I heard Parker’s theme , I knew I was about to enjoy a respite from the daily chaos that is 2020; imagine my delight to see some new adventures! I recommend a daily dose of Parker Arneson as an antidote to the chaos which surrounds us.
    Viewing the world through the eyes of a child is one of life’s great experiences. Thank you for allowing us into Parker’s world.

    I have a tight budget, but I am sending a small donation in gratitude for Parker Arneson (and the folks in the other films).

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